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Echo Agency

We are the first all lead kids divison

About Us

Our Story

Echo is the first company runned by kids. There are a few departments the adds/merch department, the engineering/gadget department, and the political department. This company is supposed to show how successful kids can be once they put there mind to something. This also supposed to help kids with there business skills once they grow up. Each kid will also work on an assignment that has been chosen by there boss. We are looking for kids that have creativity, intelligence, and talent. We want one kid to politically speak for us, one kid to be the face of our engineering, and one kid to be the head of Echo. If a kid works a year and half they will start getting paid. I have a feeling we will find plenty of kids that have the skills we are looking for. But we change the world one kid at a time. 

How to apply for an internship

You send us a Gadget,Comic,A design for some merchandise, an ad that you created, Or a political speech, that you created.